Community Service

TWCC members are assigned to one of six community service programs (CSP’s) that coincide with CSP’s established by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. The CSP’s are structured to address the needs of our community by focusing on major issues that affect the community daily such as supporting women’s health, preserving natural resources, promoting literacy and equality, citizen advocacy, and encouraging volunteer service. The CSP’s identified below focus on the arts, conservation, education, home life, international outreach and conservation.


Objective: Promote the artistic interests of the members by recognizing special achievements of women in the arts; encouraging art education among members and students, worldwide; supporting visual and performing arts in the community; and fostering an active role in arts as a natural resource.
Focus: Arts in the Community, Creative Arts, Photography
Chairs: Faye Brooks, Angela Williams, Dianne Carroll

The Arts CSP painting booth is enjoyed by children at a community event

The Arts CSP puppet shows for first graders in local elementary schools are a huge hit!


Objective: Educate members and others about the importance of community appearance and beautification and its connection to economic development.  Stimulate citizen action to address these community appearance and environmental concerns.  Educate members and communities to encourage awareness of the importance of our natural resources.  Stimulate citizen action to address resource conservation concerns.
Focus: Beautification in the Community Program, Resource Conservation Program
Chair: Rachel Massimore, Loretta Mascia

The Conservation CSP works closely with the Clayton Community Garden on Main Street. For Christmas 2018, members helped turn the garden into a gingerbread house.


Objective: Promote a commitment to lifelong learning by encouraging members and others to foster, support, and provide educational opportunities to students and adults in their communities.  Educate members and others about low literacy among adults, family and youth, and encourage citizen action to address literacy concerns.
Focus: Education in the Community Program, Focus on Literacy Program
Chairs: Betsy Grannis, Marlene Dillon

The Education CSP participates in the annual national initiative, Read for the Record, by reading to first graders at Cooper Academy

Home life

Objective: Educate members and others about the basic financial tools including financial planning and informed financial decisions.  Educate members and others about organizations that improve the lives of those in need; provide opportunities to offer support.  Educate members and others about the most prevalent medical problems and issues affecting women and encourage women to adopt proven methods of optimizing their own physical health and quality of life and that of the member’s family, the club, and the community.
Focus: Focus on Financial Issues Program, Helping Hands in the Community Program, Focus on Health Program
Chair: Brenda Gay, Nancy Maynard

The Home Life CSP supports Johnston Health Cancer Centers by providing snacks for chemo patients

International Outreach

Objective: Educate members and others about global issues and world needs and provide opportunities to offer support.  Educate members and others about the United Nations (UN) programs concerning women and children, literacy, human rights, and the environment and support GFWC’s presence as a UN Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Observer.
Focus: Reaching Out Internationally Program, United Nations Program
Chair: Robin Sachsenheimer

The International CSP supports Walgreen’s Shot at Life program by encouraging members to get their vaccinations so Walgreen’s will match the vaccine by providing vaccines to underprivileged countries


The Night’N’Gals are not a CSP but are TWCC members who are unable to attend day time meetings so they meet in the evening. All Night’N’Gal members are assigned to the International CSP.
Objective: Promote membership in our club to professional women who are not available to attend our day time meetings.  Night’N’Gals are full club members and participate in all CSP and club activities as well as projects of their own choosing.
Chair: Robin Sachsenheimer

The Night’N’Gals coordinate an annual food drive that benefits the food pantry at the Community and Senior Services of Johnston County

Public issues

Objective: Educate members and others about the importance of active citizenship and encourage participation in related activities.  Educate members and others about community, home, and vehicle safety issues, and encourage citizen action on these issues.
Focus: Citizenship in Action Program, Focus on Community Safety Program, Support Our Troops Program
Chairs: Bree Rude

The Public Issues CSP presents check to Johnston County Emergency Services to help purchase bunk beds for growing staff

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